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6 Steps to Super Smiles

1. Good Home Dental Care

It is very important for parents to be involved in their child's dental hygiene routine. Establish a healthy diet, daily tooth brushing and flossing as well as regular dental visits. Steps taken now will help build a lifetime of good oral health habits, so help by supervising your child's brushing and flossing.

2. Fluoride

Use toothpaste with fluoride to prevent tooth decay and cure cavities in their early stages. Our pediatric dentist can advise parents of fluoride supplement sources if needed.

3. Sealants

Most cavities occur in places that a sealant could have protected. By sealing surfaces at risk, cavities and tooth decay in children and teens can be drastically reduced. The teeth at most risk of decay and therefore most in need of sealants are the six-year and twelve-year molars.

4. Mouth Protectors in Sports

Wearing a mouthguard when playing a sport protects the teeth and can reduce the force of a blow that can cause concussions, neck injuries and jaw fractures.

5. Regular Dental Visits

It is essential for your child to receive an on-going oral health assessment by a pediatric dentist. Your child may need additional fluoride, sealants or dietary modifications. Regular visits will also help children stay cavity free by removing plaque build-up on the teeth.

6. Limited Snacking

Healthy snacking in moderation plays an important role in oral health. Snacking should be limited to no more than three or four times a day. Encourage nutritious choices such as cheese, vegetables and yogurt.